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Summary of the work being done in the Congregation, Schools and Synod of



Contact: Pastor Andrew Franzo – (715) 574-6602

* * *   Week of March 24, 2019* * *

TODAY:         9:00 am    Sunday Worship Service

10:15am        Sunday School & Bible Class

WEDNESDAY: 9:00am     Bible Class

                      5:30 pm    Lenten Fellowship Meal

                      7:00 pm    Lenten Worship

LentEN WORSHIP & FELLOWSHIP MEALS: This Wednesday’s meal will be a potluck. Please bring a dish to pass. The April 10th meal will be hosted for Easter for Kids. For those who would like to host one of the remaining Lenten meals, March 27 and April 3 are available. Please speak to Pastor Franzo.

EASTER FOR KIDS: Easter for Kids will be Palm Sunday, April 14 from 10:30 to 12:00. Invitations are under the mailboxes. Please take as many as you need to share and invite children you know. Included is the egg hunt.  There is a box under the mailbox for candy if you would like to donate to help fill the eggs.

LWMS spring rally, Marshfield: The Wisconsin River Valley Circuit rally will be on April 6 from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm at Trinity Lutheran Church, 9529 State Rd 80.   


    11:00 am – Being a Christian Kid in an Electronic Age.

    1:00 pm   – Bullying: Fighting Fear with Love.

For more information, there is a poster by the mailboxes and some smaller sheets for those interested to take home.

Thrivent members: If you have choice dollars please designate it to where you want it to go before March 30th.  Any questions see Jane Schulz or Gene Sickler.



Last Week at Redeemer


Worship of our Lord


39 people joined in worship on Wednesday, March 13

54 people joined in worship on Sunday, March 17


Offerings to our Lord


We received $2447 for the Weekly Ministry.

We received $188 for our Giving Tree Fund Projects.

We received $64 for Northland Lutheran

We need $2116 to meet our current budgetary needs


This Week at Redeemer


Happy Birthday to:


Noah Marzofka 03/24, Danielle Schoenrock 03/24,

Emma Wilkosz 03/25, Jim Clark 03/28


In Our Lord’s Service This Morning


HEAD USHER:  Jay Hunger

USHERS:  Mike Carter, Gene Sickler, Larry Bendickson


Redeemer Calendar: March 24, 2019–March 31, 2019


                 March 24:   Sunday Worship Service                  9:00 am

                 March 24:   Sunday School & Bible Class         10:15 am


                 March 27:   Wednesday Morning Bible Class      9:00 am

                 MARCH 27:   Lenten Fellowship Meal                    5:30 pm 

                 March 27:   Lenten Service                                7:00 pm


                 March 31:   Sunday Worship Service                  9:00 am

                 march 31:   Sunday School& Bible Class          10:15 am