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Summary of the work being done in the Congregation, Schools and Synod of



Contact: Pastor Andrew Franzo – (715) 574-6602

* * *   Week of March 15, 2020  * * *

TODAY:                9:00 am – Worship Service  w/HC       

                          10:15 am Bible Class & Sunday School     

Wednesday:       5:30 pm – Lenten Meal        

Wednesday:        7:00 pm   Lenten Worship         

Lenten Meal: Wednesday’s supper will be pizza.  

Northland students at woodson art museum: Several Northland students have artwork on display at the Woodson Art Museum. It can be viewed through March 29.

THRIVENT FINANCIAL CHOICE DOLLARS:  For those who have Thrivent Choice Dollars, they need to be assigned by the end of March or you will lose them.

MAILBOXES:  All members, please check and empty your mailboxes often.  The fuller it is, the more difficult it is to put new items in.  Thank-you.

MISSED BIRTHDAYS OR ANNIVERSARIES: If we have missed your birthday or anniversary, we may not have this information in our church records—please notify the church office.

FOOD COLLECTION:   Please keep the food pantry in mind when you are out shopping.  Just a few items from each person would make a huge difference for our food pantries.  The bin for donations is near the double doors as you enter the church.  The donations are regularly taken to the Neighbor’s Place for distribution.



Last Week at Redeemer


Worship of our Lord


28 people joined in worship on Wednesday, , March 4

48 people joined in worship on Sunday, March 8


Offerings to our Lord


We received $1263 for the Weekly Ministry

We received $5 for our Giving Tree Fund Projects

We received $45 for Northland Lutheran

We need $2185 to meet our current budgetary needs


This Week at Redeemer


Happy Birthday to:


Natalie Becker 03/15, Bob Kurth 03/16

Tracy Buchacek 03/17, Richard Wilkosz, Jr. 03/20


Happy Anniversary to:


No Anniversaries This Week


In Our Lord’s Service This Morning


HEAD USHER:   Dennis Schaepe

USHERS:  Jim Clemens, Dave Edens, Jeff Kneser


  Redeemer Calendar March 15, 2020– March 22, 2020

   March 15: Sunday Worship Service       w/HC                   9:00 am

   March 15: Bible Class & Sunday School                           10:15 am


   March 18: Lenten Meal                                                        5:30 pm

   March 18: Lenten Worship                                                  7:00 pm


   March 22: Sunday Worship Service                                  9:00 am

   March 22: Bible Class & Sunday School                           10:15 am