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Summary of the work being done in the Congregation, Schools and Synod of



Contact: Pastor Andrew Franzo – (715) 574-6602

* * *   Week of May 26, 2019  * * *

TODAY                   9:00 am – Worship Service 

                                 10:15 am Bible Class

Wednesday:               9:00 am  Bible Class

                                   7:00 pm Evening Worship

Thank YOU, SUNDAY SCHOOL TEACHERS: A big thank you to the following teachers for helping make a successful year for our children:

Teri King, Tracy Buchacek, and Sharon Kline


Carol Niemann for her work with the children

in music and song.

vacation bible school: This year’s VBS program will be, “ROAR – Life is Wild. God is Good”. More information regarding this year’s program will be coming very soon.

church projects list: A list of projects which need to be done will be posted near the Giving Tree.  We ask all those willing to help to look at the list and see if there is something you would be able to help with. These projects can be done as your schedule permits. Thank you.

FOOD COLLECTION: Please keep the food pantry in mind when you are out shopping.  A few items from each person would make a huge difference for our food pantries.  The blue bin for donations is under the table by the elevator. 



Last Week at Redeemer


Worship of our Lord


0 people joined in worship on Wednesday, May 15

50 people joined in worship on Sunday, May 19


Offerings to our Lord


We received $1685 for the Weekly Ministry.

We received $135 for our Giving Tree Fund Projects.

We received $18 for Northland Lutheran

We need $2116 to meet our current budgetary needs


This Week at Redeemer


No Birthdays or Anniversaries this Week:


If we have missed your birthday or anniversary, we may not have this information in our church records—please notify the church office if you would like to have it included.


In Our Lord’s Service This Morning


HEAD USHER:  Dennis Schaepe

USHERS:  Luke Fisher, Bruce Fisher, Leah Fisher


Redeemer Calendar May 26, 2019–June 1, 2019


                      May 26:   Sunday Worship Service                   9:00 am

                      May 26:   Bible Class                                    10:15 am


                      May 29:   Bible Class                                      9:00 am

                      May 29:   Evening Worship                             7:00 pm


                      June 2:   Sunday Worship Service w/HC         9:00 am

                      June 2:   Bible Class                                    10:15 am