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Contact: Pastor Andrew Franzo – (715) 574-6602

* * *   Week of February 23, 2020  * * *

TODAY:                9:00 am – Worship Service         

                          10:15 am Bible Class & Sunday School     

Wednesday:       5:30 pm – Lenten Meal        

Wednesday:        7:00 pm   Ash Wednesday Worship         

Lenten Meal: The first Lenten meal will be hosted by Redeemer Lutheran Ladies.  It will be a potluck, so please bring a dish to pass for Wednesday, February 26, at 5:30 pm.

ALTAR GUILD: We thank Midge Abt for serving for the month of February, Cathy Edens will serve for the month of March.

TOGETHER WE SHINE: is next week! Please join NLHS at Northland on March 1 from 12-3 pm for a soup/sandwich luncheon, silent auction, musical performances, tours, and presentations.   They look forward to seeing us that day, because, “TOGETHER WE SHINE”. 

The Power of the Cross: A Northland Lutheran High School Lent/Easter Concert. March 8, 2020 at 3:00 p.m.

Northland students at woodson art museum: Several Northland students have artwork on display at the Woodson Art Museum. It can be viewed through March 29.

MAILBOXES:  All members, please check and empty your mailboxes often.  The fuller it is, the more difficult it is to put new items in.  Thank-you.




Last Week at Redeemer


Worship of our Lord


2 people joined in worship on Wednesday, February 12

50 people joined in worship on Sunday, February 16


Offerings to our Lord


We received $2312 for the Weekly Ministry

We received $10 for our Giving Tree Fund Projects

We received $20 for Northland Lutheran

We need $2185 to meet our current budgetary needs


This Week at Redeemer


Happy Birthday to:


Anastasia Rossenbach 02/23


Happy Anniversary to:


No Anniversaries – This week


In Our Lord’s Service This Morning


HEAD USHER:   Jay Hunger

USHERS:  Kyle Griesbach, Tina Griesbach, Arlene Paulson


  Redeemer Calendar February 23, 2020– March 1, 2020

   february 23: Sunday Worship Service                            9:00 am

   february 23: Bible Class & Sunday School                   10:15 am


   february 26: Lenten Potluck Meal                                  5:30 pm

   february 26: Ash Wednesday Worship                             7:00 pm


   March 1: Sunday Worship Service      w/HC                     9:00 am

   March 1: Bible Class & Sunday School                             10:15 am