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Our Pastor

Do you have a pastor?


Pastor Cortright believes that a pastor is not just a person who delivers religious information to you. You may have a pastor you watch on YouTube or a pastor who performed your wedding ceremony or baptized your child, but your pastor is someone you could call at 2am if there were an emergency. Your pastor knows you by name. Your pastor is the one God has called to shepherd you with God's Word as a unique individual. If you are looking for a pastor, Pastor Cortright would love to meet you. Stop by for worship or contact him to set up a time to sit down.

Pastor Ryan Cortright became pastor at Redeemer in July of 2022. Prior to serving at Redeemer, he was pastor at St. Peter Lutheran in Modesto, CA (2010-2016) and Our Redeemer Lutheran in Madison, WI (2016-2022).

Pastor Cortright is married to Sarah and they have five children. Their family is excited to be living in Weston.

Click here to schedule a time to sit down with Pastor Cortright. He'd be happy to meet for coffee or to find a time to sit down at the church.



(715) 359-4433 (office)

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